"Trust your vehicle to experience."

201 S. Johnson
Winner, SD 57580
Ph. (605) 842-1722
located next to Holiday Inn Express

A combination of experienced technicians,

friendly customer service,

and lower labor rates

make this a great place to take care of all your

vehicle repair and maintenance needs!


New in town?  Stop in for a cup of coffee & let us welcome you!

Traveling through the area?  We are conveniently located between a hotel and a restaurant/sports bar.  Several other motels, eating establishments, and shopping are all within easy walking distance!

your current repair shop?
Call us for a free estimate...and discover the
money you can SAVE!

High mileage no longer means sudden death for your car or truck!  Thanks to improvements in design & maintenance, many vehicles can travel twice what they used to without major repairs.

It's all about preventive medicine.

Get to know your shop's staff and ask questions!  The boys at Hometown check your vehicle at each appointment, and they can tell you what things you need to do to keep those wheels on the road longer.

Sound like a lot of work?  A family's vehicle is usually their second-most expensive investment.  Take care of it as you go along, and it will take care of you for years to come!
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